Kolb Net Works

Pinnacle Consulting Group

Pinnacle Consulting Group, got a freshly overhauled site with a new design and improved data entry featuring ajax technology.

My business requires accuracy and on-time delivery of promised services and Kolb Networks has allowed me to deliver every time, by providing me with the requisite expertise in the management of my online needs.

It’s a real pleasure to work with technical staff who understands both the technical issues and the business demands driving my applications. They take on my projects with sincere interest, enthusiasm and an intuitive sense that goes well beyond the technical aspects of the projects– they see the larger picture and they have the creativity to adapt to that vision.

Kolb Net Works has made it possible for our firm to offer a highly sophisticated online salary surveys to an association of health care employers with over 80 members. They assisted with the technology development and implementation, and they continue to provide us with timely and knowledgeable service and support.

Jim Yoxtheimer, President
Pinnacle Consulting, LLC

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