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Malee Law Firm

The Malee Law Firm is your Estate Planning and Elder Law firm. They have been dedicated to helping clients with estate planning and elder law matters for over 18 years throughout the Central and Northeast Pennsylvania region.

Their mission is to provide progressive yet sound and dependable strategies that are proven to protect and preserve their clients' estate planning and elder law needs.

They are conveniently located in Williamsport on the corner of East Third Street and Basin Street. This location keeps them close to downtown and the courthouse, and gives the client more convenient access from the freeway and better parking opportunities.

The idea of updating our website was daunting. We needed the update to keep of our office relevant and competitive with the market, but the thought of “doing” the update was daunting.

That’s where Kolb Networks helped. They listened to what we wanted, gave us practical guidance, and set us up with a site to keep us competitive and relevant. They made it easy for us to control the content and keep the information up to date.

Thanks Kathy and Rick,

Jim Malee
Malee Law Firm

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