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Lycoming Country Water and Sewer

Lycoming County Water and Sewer Authority (LCWSA) was formed in April 1989 through Lycoming County as an independent authority.

LCWSA owns, operates and maintains the Montoursville Regional Sewer System (MRSS). The MRSS provides sanitary sewer service to Montoursville, the portion of Fairfield Township south of Interstate I-180, the area of Muncy and Muncy Creek commonly referred to as Halls Station, and the eastern portion of Loyalsock Township. The MRSS serves approximately 3,000 customers in Montoursville, Fairfield Township, Muncy and Muncy Creek Townships as well as the bulk customer of Loyalsock Township. Additionally, LCWSA partnered with Armstrong Township to provide sewer service to the community along Route 15 neighboring South Williamsport.

In April of 2008, LCWSA completed the construction of a public water system to service portions of Muncy Township in the Halls Station/Lycoming Mall area. This public Regional Water System will allow for the development of properties located in the officially designated growth area as defined in the County’s Comprehensive Plan and as further defined in the Montoursville-Muncy Joint Municipal Comprehensive Plan.

We have wanted to build a web site for a while to help provide our customers and partners with information they needed from answering questions to providing forms. So we turned to Kolb Net Works to help us with this task.

They listened to what we were looking for and gave us the guidance to set up a web site that not only provides information and forms but it also educates those who visit the site about who we are and what we do.

It is easy to control the content on the web site and to keep it current. They indeed provide solutions for the web that work for you and not put you into some cookie cutter format.

Thanks Kolb Net Works.
Wayne Martin

LCWSA Finance Director