Kolb Net Works

My business requires accuracy and on-time delivery of promised services and Kolb Networks has allowed me to deliver every time, by providing me with the requisite expertise in the management of my online needs.

It’s a real pleasure to work with technical staff who understands both the technical issues and the business demands driving my applications. They take on my projects with sincere interest, enthusiasm and an intuitive sense that goes well beyond the technical aspects of the projects– they see the larger picture and they have the creativity to adapt to that vision.

Kolb Net Works has made it possible for our firm to offer a highly sophisticated online salary surveys to an association of health care employers with over 80 members. They assisted with the technology development and implementation, and they continue to provide us with timely and knowledgeable service and support.

Jim Yoxtheimer, President
Pinnacle Consulting, LLC

When we (Resilite) needed to update and redesign our existing e-commerce website to be more user-friendly, easier to navigate and function with our new back-end CRM system we turned to Kolb Networks.

We knew going into it that we would have many challenges and hurdles to overcome trying to tie-together two completely different entities in a very short time frame, however the folks at Kolb made it happen.

They were great to work with and even worked directly with our CRM programmer to make the transition as seamless as possible. We are very pleased with our new site and they are always there to answer any questions that arise.

Jeffrey S. Baker
Director of Marketing

“Today, traditional media sources (radio, television, newspapers, etc.) are more heavily depending on the internet to extend their reach and scope of impact. As a Christian radio ministry, WGRC strives to maximize use of the latest technology in reaching out to spread a life-changing message.

While the team at Kolb Networks provided valuable input and guidance, they always listened to our needs and desires. Ultimately they didn’t fit us into a website, instead they developed a website that fits us and allows for continued growth. Proving that it is more than a slogan, Kolb Networks demonstrated that they find web solutions that work.

WGRC Radio has partnered with Kolb Networks for years and looks forward to a continued relationship as radio and the web grow together.”

Don Casteline
WGRC Operations Manager

The idea of updating our website was daunting. We needed the update to keep of our office relevant and competitive with the market, but the thought of “doing” the update was daunting.

That’s where Kolb Networks helped. They listened to what we wanted, gave us practical guidance, and set us up with a site to keep us competitive and relevant. They made it easy for us to control the content and keep the information up to date.

Thanks Kathy and Rick,

Jim Malee
Malee Law Firm

We have wanted to build a web site for a while to help provide our customers and partners with information they needed from answering questions to providing forms. So we turned to Kolb Net Works to help us with this task.

They listened to what we were looking for and gave us the guidance to set up a web site that not only provides information and forms but it also educates those who visit the site about who we are and what we do.

It is easy to control the content on the web site and to keep it current. They indeed provide solutions for the web that work for you and not put you into some cookie cutter format.

Thanks Kolb Net Works.
Wayne Martin

LCWSA Finance Director